What Can I Recycle

Learn what can be recycled in your community.

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What not to recycle

Learn what you cannot recycle in your community.

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How can I recycle more effectively?

Discover some helpful tips to improve recycling in your household.

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How can I reduce plastic bag use?

See how you can help Manitoba reduce single-use plastic bag use by 50%

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YES! A carton is recyclable. It’s made of polycoat materials.

YES! An ice cream carton is recyclable. It’s a polycoat laminate fiber carton.

YES! Shampoo and conditioner bottles are recyclable. They’re HDPE #2 plastics.

YES! A yogurt container is recyclable. It’s a #5 plastic.

YES! Pails and lids are recyclable. They’re plastic.

YES! Tin cans are recyclable. They’re metal.