Meet Michael and Robyn.

A dynamic, mother-son duo, Robyn and Michael are recycling superheroes. They’re always looking for new ways to get people involved in recycling, and to promote the benefits it can bring.


Michael is an outgoing and energetic fourth grader. He loves to ride his bike, play hockey with his friends, and watch movies with his family.

Recently, Michael’s class watched Simply Recycle’s “A Tale of Recycling,” and he couldn’t believe all the cool benefits that come from doing something so easy. When his teacher told him that the aluminum cans his favourite soup comes in are used to make things like bicycles and car parts, his mind was blown! It’s safe to say that from that point on, Michael was hooked on recycling.

Now, Michael has a passion for all things recycling. He makes sure that his household separates the recyclables from the trash, he’s always on the lookout for litter to recycle, and he helped his teacher set up an in-class recycling program using’s lesson plans.

Michael is always looking for new ways to recycle, and is always ready to help others join in the fun!


Robyn is a hard working professional and proud mother of an industrious 9 year old, Michael. She loves to have dinner with her friends, catch up with a good book, and spend quality time with her family.

She’s also an advocate for recycling, something that her son Michael has recently joined her in. She’s very proud of the ingenuity and energy he puts towards recycling, and is happy to oblige him by purchasing food that comes in recycling-friendly containers and helping him collect and deposit items from around the house.

Robyn is always ready to support Michael, and any other recycling conscious individuals, with statistics, information, and insight into local recycling initiatives and successes. She knows her stuff, and is always happy to help raise awareness about just how easy recycling can be, not to mention how beneficial it is for everyone!


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