• Northern Clean-up Press Release

  • Recycle Now Contest! Winners

    Kindergarten to Grade 2

    Help the Earth!

    (A Rap)

    Help the earth stay alive!
    Keep the water clean so we can dive!

    You can help to work on having clean air,
    Ride your bike everywhere!

    Please help the bears by sharing and caring,
    Rethink – Don’t shoot!

    Reduce, Reuse don’t throw away!
    If the paint is not at use, don’t throw away – keep it for another day!

    We want to live on a cleaner earth,
    Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, and Rethink!

    Submitted by:
    The Grade 2 Class (Mrs. Richter and Mrs. Pellizzaro)
    Deerwood School, Thompson, Manitoba

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  • MMSM Bag Up Manitoba – Plastic Bag Roundup Challenge 2010

    Take Pride Winnipeg!, and Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba would like to thank everyone for making the 2010 Bag Up Manitoba — Plastic Bag Round-Up Challenge an absolute success.  The program has grown enormously, and for the first time, the program was expanded to schools throughout Southern Manitoba and also to Flin Flon.  The overwhelming response from schools across the province is evidence that students care – they care for their community, their province and their environment. Read More…

  • Recycle Now Contest

    Recycle Up Contest Posters (English and French)



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