• To Nest or Not to Nest?

    Are you unknowingly contaminating your recycling?


    It’s your birthday! You pull a shirt out of the gift bag your aunt and uncle gave you. Trying your best to pretend you love it, you toss the bag aside. Your aunt stops you and says there’s something else in the bag. You look back inside. Hidden at the bottom is a $100 gift carda gift card you came close to losing out on… 

    This is what can happen to materials in your blue bin when you put them inside other recyclables (also known as nesting). The difference is your aunt was there to let you know about the gift card. There’s no one to tell the machines and workers who sort your recycling there’s a soda can hidden at the bottom of a cereal box.  Read More…

  • Manitoba Students Showcase Wearable Art Made From Discarded Materials

    Have you ever seen a work of art that inspired you? Great art is more than something impressive to look at. It gets people thinking, learning, and motivated to take action on important issues.

    That’s why we teamed up with Take Pride Winnipeg once again for an eco-friendly fashion fest at Manitoba Eco-Awareness Day. The event at CF Polo Park welcomed students to design and showcase handmade garments either made of blue bin materials or items that normally go to landfills.

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  • Give New Life to Your Old Stuff

    Your blue bin is for printed paper and packaging. But what about bikes? Washing machines? Mattresses? Manitobans—admirably not wanting to waste—regularly ask us where they can recycle products like these that are damaged or no longer needed.

    It’s always best to reuse something before recycling it, so our go-to answers are to donate to second-hand stores, charities, or post it online for free. But there are some products that won’t get any takers, either because they’re too damaged (like a tv with a cracked screen) or too big (like appliances).

    But there’s still hope for lots of those damaged and seemingly unwanted goods. We’ve put together this list of places you can take your old appliances, mattresses, electronics, and even bicycles, to be either refurbished and reused, or recycled.

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  • The Environmental Benefits of Recycling (They’re Big!)

    A cute cartoon recycling bin and Earth smiling at each other in a park with text "Environmental Benefits of Recycling"

    A cute cartoon recycling bin and Earth smiling at each other in a park with text "Environmental Benefits of Recycling"

    Is there a point to our weekly walks with our blue bins to the curbside? To remembering what we can and can’t recycle? Is it even making a difference?

    Yes, yes, and a big green YES.

    For Earth Day, let’s explore the various ways recycling protects our planet.

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  • MMSM Staff Recycling Tips

    Working for a recycling organization, it’s an unwritten rule that our staff have to be passionate about recycling and the environment. In the spirit of Earth Month, we asked our staff to share tips on reducing waste in their everyday lives.

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  • Recyclepedia’s Remarkable Recycler


    Our exciting new school contest starts today!

    What is Recyclepedia’s Remarkable Recycler?

    The Recyclepedia’s Remarkable Recycler is a new program we’re launching in partnership with Bell Media. We’re looking for students to show us how they creatively reduce, reuse, and recycle at school or at home. We want to know how kids are taking steps to lessen their impact on the environment, whether that’s being a part of a green team, or composting at home in the backyard – the possibilities are endless! Read More…

  • Is the plastic in your blue bin getting recycled?

    In recent years, you may have heard that only 9 percent of plastic gets recycled. Wide misrepresentation of this statistic, among other reasons, has led many people to question whether the plastics they put in their blue bins are getting recycled. Some have even stopped recycling as a result, believing their recyclables (and their efforts) are going to waste.

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  • Power Up Your Recycling Knowledge on National Battery Day

    February 18th is National Battery Day and Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba (MMSM) is partnering with Call2Recycle to raise awareness and remind Manitobans to properly recycle their batteries.

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  • Manitoba Eco Awareness Day and Fashion Fest 2023

    group of boys modeling at Fashion Fest

    Make something beautiful with the materials in your blue bin. Fashion Fest is back, in partnership with Take Pride Winnipeg. Read More…



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