Manitobans are doing a great job of recycling. We collected 85,259.3 tonnes of packaging and printed paper in 2017, that’s an average of 70.7 kg per person! Here’s how the different parts of the province did:


Region Total kg Recycled Average kg Recycled Per Capita
Central West 1,132,006 47.5
East 4,749,477 50.9
Interlake 3,951,181 61.2
North 2,245,355 67.8
North West 1,686,324 53.7
South Central 5,167,944 54.0
South West 6,208,190 65.9
Winnipeg and Area 59,320,544 77.0
Subtotal 84,461,020 70.0
Post Secondary Education Institutions 798,233 70.0
Total 85,259,254 70.7


Last year, we were able to recover 61.9% of packaging and printed paper in the province. We can increase our rates by educating ourselves to become better recyclers.

We also included recovery rates for the materials we collect in our program. For more details on individual materials, please visit to view our annual report.

Material Recovery Rates 2016



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