• Does Manitoba Recycle Glass?

    Glass bottles - let's talk about glass


    We’ve all heard at some point in our lives that glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss of quality.

    It’s true, glass can be recycled forever. But is it recycled in Manitoba?


    It’s complicated.


    In short, glass is reused, but not as new bottles the way it used to be. This is due to the change in where glass containers are produced.

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  • The Ultimate Manitoba Holiday Recycling Guide


    There are a few things you can always expect during the holidays: family dinners, exchanging gifts, and the clean-up that follows.

    Download our Manitoba holiday recycling guide to see how to best dispose of gift bags, wrapping paper, and other holiday items. We go into more detail on the most common holiday items below.

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  • Where to Recycle Non-Blue Bin Items in Manitoba

    Your household blue bin is for recycling packaging and printed paper. But there are lots of recyclable items that don’t belong in your blue bin (for reasons outlined below). You can visit drop-off locations, accessible to most Manitobans, to recycle batteries, electronics, tires, and more.

    Scroll down to find recycling locations for common household items that don’t belong in your blue bin or garbage. Alternatively, you can search for any of the items below in the Recyclepedia to find out where to recycle them in your community.

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  • Recyclepedia’s Remarkable Recycler

    Teachers—show us how your classroom reuses, reduces, and recycles to be entered to win a cash prize.

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  • To Nest or Not to Nest?

    Are you unknowingly contaminating your recycling?


    It’s your birthday! You pull a shirt out of the gift bag your aunt and uncle gave you. Trying your best to pretend you love it, you toss the bag aside. Your aunt stops you and says there’s something else in the bag. You look back inside. Hidden at the bottom is a $100 gift carda gift card you came close to losing out on… 

    This is what can happen to materials in your blue bin when you put them inside other recyclables (also known as nesting). The difference is your aunt was there to let you know about the gift card. There’s no one to tell the machines and workers who sort your recycling there’s a soda can hidden at the bottom of a cereal box.  Read More…



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