Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba (MMSM) in partnership with the Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association (CBCRA) and its Recycle Everywhere program are pleased to announce Bloodvein First Nation as the winner of the 2018 Northern and First Nations Community Clean-up.

The Northern and First Nations Community Clean-up is now in its eighth year. The program was created as a way to increase recycling awareness and combat litter after Manitoba’s cold winters. Each participating community was given supplies including t-shirts, gloves, a recycling bin, bags, and a scale for weighing the material. Volunteers from the community assisted by picking up recycling and waste off the streets in their neighbourhoods.

A celebratory barbecue was held on September 11 with members of the community, the community council, clean-up volunteers, and students in attendance. Representatives from CBCRA and MMSM organized the event in celebration of the community’s efforts and dedication to recycling. As the winner of this year’s clean-up, MMSM and CBCRA worked hands-on with Bloodvein First Nation to provide recycling assets that will help them with their unique recycling environment.

Bloodvein First Nation has made major improvements to their community since starting a recycling program in March. Their residents have shown initiative and taken it upon themselves to become better recyclers and be more environmentally conscious. A new recycling depot has been installed in the community where residents can take their recycling and waste.

With the addition of the community’s new recycling infrastructure, Bloodvein First Nation officials hope to educate residents about the benefits of recycling, and its impact on the environment. Through conversations with community officials, it was decided that MMSM and CBCRA would install permanent signs catered to the recycling needs of the community that would inform residents what can and cannot go into their recycling streams. CBCRA and MMSM will also provide educational materials to community members.


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