The City of Winnipeg recently upgraded their water and waste services from MyUtilityBill to MyUtility. Winnipeggers can now set up reminders for garbage, recycling, and yard waste collection day, report missed collection, and request large item pickups.

The upgrade we are most excited about is the addition of our Recyclepedia to MyUtility! The Recyclepedia is the main hub for recycling information in the province. Winnipeggers can search for any material, and the Recyclepedia will provide local information on where to dispose of your materials.

Here are some other great features of the Recyclepedia:

  • Available in 13 different languages
  • Location-specific information for different areas of the province
  • New materials are being added weekly
  • Available as a free mobile app on Apple and Android devices

“The Recyclepedia is available in 13 different languages and includes municipalities from across the province,” said Karen Melnychuk, Executive Director, Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba. “Our goal for this platform is to reduce confusion about recycling and become the primary source of recycling information for all Manitobans.”

Use the Recyclepedia on or download the app for free in the App Store or on Google Play. Don’t forget to leave us a review!

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