Join us on August 16 at Shaw Park to cheer on your Winnipeg Goldeyes! Before the game, we will be on the Goldeyes Promenade collecting plastic bags for our Bag it Forward Program with Winnipeg Harvest. All plastic bags collected at the game will be used to create emergency food kits for families in need.

Anyone that donates plastic bags at the game will be entered to win $100 in Goldeyes Fish Fins.

Check out our Facebook page here for a chance to win tickets!


Every year, Winnipeg Harvest goes through approximately 1 million plastic bags. In response to that, Bag it Forward was created to give Manitobans more options on how they can reduce, reuse and recycle the plastic bags already in their homes. This program encourages consumers all over Manitoba to drop off their gently-used plastic bags at Winnipeg Harvest or their local food bank so they can be reused to create food kits.

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