Reusable bags are a great way to reduce the amount of plastic bags we use on an everyday basis while we’re out and about. Here are five places to bring a reusable bag, for those times when you need an extra hand.


  1. Convenience Stores/Drug Stores

Have you ever popped into the drug store intending to pick up one or two items, and end up leaving with an armful of stuff? Leaving with more than you originally planned will likely have you needing an extra plastic bag at the end. Save yourself the extra bag and bring a reusable one in with you instead.


  1. Farmers Market

It’s always great to support local businesses at farmers markets, even the majority of markets in Manitoba run during the warmer months. As you walk around, it’s hard not to buy all of the ripe, delicious fruits and vegetables from the many vendors. Definitely bring your reusable bags with you, so you can take home all of the things you find!


  1. Grocery Stores

This is probably one of the more obvious places to bring a reusable bag. Bringing your own bag is an easy way to save a bit of extra money at the checkout. Most stores are allowing customers to resume bringing their own bags for groceries but check with your local store to be sure.
Most stores have bins at the front of their stores where you can return your plastic bags for recycling. Find a drop-off location close to you:


  1. Restaurants

Depending on what type of cuisine you decide to have, more often than not, there’s some leftovers to bring home. We would recommend bringing one or two reusable bags to the restaurant, as you don’t know how many you’ll need until you’re finished the meal. Go the extra mile and bring your own reusable containers from home to pack your leftovers in!


  1. Retail Stores

You buy a sweater from one store, a pair of jeans from another and a few shirts at one more place on a shopping trip. It’s great to add some new pieces to your wardrobe, but now you also have three new plastic bags to bring home. Consider bringing a reusable bag next time you go shopping to save yourself the extra plastic.


It’s important to wash and wipe down your reusable bags, so they are clean and to avoid cross-contamination between groceries. Cloth and cotton bags can go in the washer and dryer. Reusable nylon bags can be wiped down with a disinfecting wipe and hung up to air dry before the next use.

If your fabric bags have reached the end of its life cycle, (eg. holes or tears in the bag), they can be dropped off for textile recycling. Find a drop-off bin near you here:


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