For the fourth year in a row, Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba sponsored Bag up Manitoba – Plastic Bag Challenge. During the month of October students were tasked with collecting as many single-use plastic bags as possible for recycling. This fall, 168 schools across Manitoba participated in the program keeping a record 1,347,017 bags out of the landfills.

The bags collected were baled and shipped to Trex for recycling into composite decking material and other products. Each school who participated received two birdhouses created from recycled plastic and wood composite material. Some schools also receive a plastic composite bench for their efforts. Congratulations to all who participated!









2013 Bench Winners

Bairdmore School (Winnipeg, MB) – 2013 Top Collector!

Ecole Christine-Lesperance (Winnipeg, MB)

Ecole Noel-Ritchot (Winnipeg, MB)

South Oaks School (Grunthal, MB)

Southwood School (Schanzenfeld, MB)

Maple Leaf School (Morden, MB)

Austin Elementary School (Austin, MB)

Ecole Robert Browning (Winnipeg, MB)

Ecole Assiniboine (Winnipeg, MB)

Ecole George V School (Winnipeg, MB)

Happy Thought School (Selkirk, MB)

Walter Whyte School (Grand Marais, MB)

Oakville School (Portage la Prairie, MB)

Ecole Crane (Winnipeg, MB)

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