Many of us are looking forward to the holidays, especially with being able to gather with our loved ones once again. We want to make recycling easy with our holiday recycling guide, as well as some tips to help make your holidays easier on the environment this year.

Holiday Recycling Guide

Our holiday recycling guide tells you where to dispose of common seasonal items found this time of year. Download the guide, save it, and share it with a friend to help make their recycling easy.


Recycling Tips

  • With many people choosing to do their shopping online, save and reuse excess packaging (i.e., cardboard boxes) for gifts. Bubble wrap, kraft paper, and cardboard boxes are great for packing gifts and reusing them for wrapping gifts.
  • Recycle what items you can in your blue bin. Any excess packaging can be taken to a Community Recycling Depot or dropped off at a 4R Winnipeg Depot. Contact your community for depot locations outside of Winnipeg.
  • For meals, use real dishes and cutlery as opposed to plastic and single-use ones. This might take a bit longer to clean up, but you’ll be doing the environment a favour in the long run.
  • If you have a real Christmas tree, most communities have a Christmas tree recycling program for residents. The City of Winnipeg’s ‘Let’s Chip In’ Christmas tree recycling program runs from December 27, 2022 – January 31, 2023. Reach out to your community to see how you can make a difference.
  • Check the Recyclepedia to learn what items can be recycled in your blue bin, and where to dispose of items that aren’t accepted. Download it on your mobile device, it’s free for both Apple and Android devices!
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