As we explore our province this summer, we’re all going to need a drink or two to quench our thirst and stay hydrated. Here’s a reminder to recycle your beverage containers when you’re done with them. Most drink containers are accepted in your blue bin, but there are a few exceptions. Here are some things to keep in mind this summer.

Accepted containers

Only recycle beverage containers that are on your community’s accepted list, which is consistent for most of the province. These types of containers are accepted:

  • Plastic drink bottles (i.e., pop, water, juice, and sport drink bottles)
  • Plastic jugs (i.e., 4L milk jugs, large juice bottles)
  • Cartons (i.e., milk and juice cartons, and juice boxes)
  • Aluminum cans (i.e., pop, beer, and sparkling water cans)
  • Glass bottles (i.e., wine, juice, and hard liquor bottles)
  • Plastic cups (i.e., clear take-out drink cups and open plastic cups)


Unaccepted containers

These types of beverage containers are not accepted in your blue bin.

  • Coffee cups
  • Foam cups
  • Paper take-out drink cups (i.e., fountain drink and frozen slushie cups)



  • Before recycling your beverage containers, make sure they’re empty and the lid is on. Leftover liquids can contaminate other recyclables like paper and cardboard and can be harmful to the recycling process.
  • Remember the 3R’s – reduce, reuse, and recycle. Bring a reusable bottle with you when you’re out and about. Most places will have water fountain stations where you can fill up.
  • Straws (both paper and plastic) are not accepted in your blue bin. Dispose of your straws in the garbage before recycling your empty beverage containers.
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