Make something beautiful with the materials in your blue bin. Fashion Fest is back, in partnership with Take Pride Winnipeg.

group of boys modeling at Fashion Fest


What is Manitoba Eco Awareness Day and Fashion Fest?

Manitoba Eco Awareness Day and Fashion Fest is a province-wide contest for students to rework recyclable items and other previously enjoyed materials that are beyond their intended purpose and craft them into one-of-a-kind fashion designs. Finalists will be invited to wear their designs at the Fashion Fest, held in conjunction with Manitoba Eco Awareness Day, where they’ll be eligible for prizes. You could win gift certificates to CF Polo Park, movie passes to Scotia Bank Theatre, passes to Assiniboine Park Zoo, and a pizza lunch for your classroom.

Our goal for Fashion Fest is to inspire and ignite creative passion in students, while educating them about the importance of recycling and reusing. At Manitoba Eco Awareness Day, students can explore interactive booths run by Producer Responsibility Organizations and discover ways to make a positive impact on our planet.


Students learn about recycling at Manitoba Eco Awareness Day booth

Learn how recycling helps the environment at our interactive booths.


How to Enter Fashion Fest

All students in grades K-12 in Manitoba are welcome to participate. Students may enter as an individual or as a team of up to three students in their grade category.

Five finalists (one finalist from each grade and material category) will be selected to compete for The grade categories are as follows:

Kindergarten – Grade 5                     Grades 6 – 9                           Grades 10 – 12

The material categories are as follows:

  • Materials that would otherwise be recycled in the blue bin (see list of allowable materials in the Recyclepedia web app, or download the app for iOS and Android
  • Materials that cannot be recycled in the blue bin but can be reused (i.e., items found at thrift shops, plastic bags, any repurposed materials that would otherwise go to the landfill).

Items NOT allowed are:

  • Items purchased new and then repurposed.
  • New fabric/garments purchased to create the base of your design, then covered with recycled materials (used clothing can be used as a base for your outfit).

Send a picture of your outfit to along with your name, grade, school and teacher’s name. The deadline for submissions of entries is April 7, 2023.

Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your artistic talents and learn how to make a difference on the environment. Join us at the 2023 Manitoba Eco Awareness Day and Fashion Fest on Friday, May 5 at CF Polo Park from 10 a.m. to noon.

Want some inspiration? Check out some of the finalists from past Fashion Fests below.




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