Have you ever seen a work of art that inspired you? Great art is more than something impressive to look at. It gets people thinking, learning, and motivated to take action on important issues.

That’s why we teamed up with Take Pride Winnipeg once again for an eco-friendly fashion fest at Manitoba Eco-Awareness Day. The event at CF Polo Park welcomed students to design and showcase handmade garments either made of blue bin materials or items that normally go to landfills.

The fashion show demonstrated incredible ways to repurpose items that are typically discarded. MMSM and other Producer Responsibility Organizations were also there for students and spectators to learn about various ways to keep their communities clean.

Have a look at the amazing designs from this year’s finalists.


Newspaper and Plastic Bag Ball Gown

Manitoba student Jessica standing on a stage in a ball gown made from newspaper and plastic bags at fashion show

Jessica from O. V. Jewitt Community School crafted this prom night-worthy bouffant gown using newspaper and plastic takeout bags.

The bodice and outer layer of the skirt is made completely with newspaper. The front of the skirt opens to show a bright white underlay made from plastic bags. If you look closely, you can see a bouquet of handmade newspaper roses accenting the waist of the skirt.


Recycled Textile Skirt and Beret

Manitoba student poses on stage in a patchwork dress she made at fashion show

Rohama from George V School took old, plain clothing and turned it into matching statement pieces. She added texture and personality to the skirt with plaid patchwork and made a beautiful black beret to tie the outfit together.


Baler Twine and Netting dress

Manitoba student poses on stage at fashion show in a bright sea green dress made of baler twine and netting

Ivy from MacGregor Elementary School weaved together her dress using baler twine and netting. That’s right—this elegant gown is made completely out of farm refuse. Ivy saw the beauty in the colourful scraps of discarded twine and turned them into this stunning dress accented with a braided waistband and forearm sleeves.


Group of 20 students wearing handmade fashion designs on stage at MMSM fashion fest

These Manitoban students put an immense amount of creativity and time into their designs. MMSM has sponsored this event for years, and each year, we’re shocked and inspired by the creations students put on display. We hope they inspired you too.

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