Ad Campaign Encourages Citizens to
“Clean Up Their Act”

A new ad campaign launching in communities across the province next week will encourage Manitobans to boost their recycling rates. The “Clean Up Your Act” campaign acknowledges that many Manitobans already recycle, but challenges them to go even further and recycle everything they can.

“Surveys show more than 85 percent of Manitoba households recycle at least some household waste, but about 40 percent of our waste packaging and printed paper is still going to landfill,” says Karen Melnychuk, Senior Program Manager of Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba, the industry-funded organization behind the ad campaign. “We’re recovering more, but still have plenty of room to improve.”

Billboards, bus shelters and print ads will be complemented by a new web site——that allows site visitors to select their community and see at a glance which household materials are accepted for recycling. It will also be the go-to site for students, teachers and other Manitobans to learn about special recycling events and activities.

In 2008, the Manitoba government passed a regulation that mandates industry to manage end-of-life packaging and printed paper. Under the new program, industry stewards are taking responsibility for and paying 80 percent of the cost of recovering printed paper and packaging from Manitoba residences.

MMSM assumed its new responsibilities this spring and will officially open its office this afternoon at 3:00 p.m. Located at 200-283 Bannatyne Avenue in the Exchange District, the office will eventually house about eight staff.  Today’s grand opening will be attended by industry, municipal and government representatives, including Conservation Minister Bill Blaikie.

For further information:
Karen Melnychuk
Senior Program Manager
Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba
Phone: 953-2011

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