MMSM is excited to announce that we have joined more than 50 other organizations as a Partner of the Canada Plastics Pact (CPP). Our organization is committed to a building a circular economy and working with others to end plastic waste and pollution.

What is the CPP?

The Canada Plastics Pact fosters multi-stakeholder collaboration and industry-led innovation aimed at systemic change across the plastics value chain. It brings together different partners and organizations to rethink the way we design, use, and reuse plastic packaging in moving toward a circular economy for plastics in Canada.

Canada is the 10th country in the world to announce a Plastics Pact.

Vision and Commitment

In alignment with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s global New Plastics Economy and Plastics Pact Network, the CPP vision is to create a circular plastics economy for packaging, in which plastics never become waste by:

  • Eliminating unnecessary or problematic plastic packaging.
  • Innovating so the plastic we do need can be safely reused, recycled, or composted.
  • Circulating the plastics we use to keep them in the economy and out of the environment.

The CPP is committed to the following:

  • Focusing on the root causes of plastics pollution rather than the symptoms.
  • Working collaboratively across the value chain to enable industry-wide systems change.
  • Mobilize and align stakeholders under a common vision – locally, nationally, and globally.
  • Harness and amplify the collective skills, leadership, expertise, and capacity of Canadian stakeholders, to advance knowledge and catalyze innovation and new solutions.


The CPP has four clear, actionable targets it hopes to achieve by 2025. Progress will be reported annually to the public.

  1. Define a list of plastic packaging that is to be designated as problematic or unnecessary and take measures to eliminate them by 2025.
  2. Support efforts toward 100% of plastic packaging being designed to be reusable, recyclable, or compostable by 2025.
  3. Undertake ambitious actions to ensure that at least 50% of plastic packaging is effectively recycled or composted by 2025.
  4. Ensure an average of at least 30% recycled content across all plastic packaging (by weight) by 2025.

MMSM is excited to be a part of this initiative, and to be working toward a circular economy for all Manitobans.

To learn more, visit the Canada Plastics Pact website.


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