Working for a recycling organization, it’s an unwritten rule that our staff have to be passionate about recycling and the environment. In the spirit of Earth Month, we asked our staff to share tips on reducing waste in their everyday lives.

Joel, Communications Coordinator

Since moving into an apartment, I found that my little blue bin would fill up quickly and I would have to take it down to the bins three to four times a week. To be more efficient, I got a bigger bin.  Now, I only take it down once or twice a week. Recyclables are light, so it’s not any harder to carry them out and lift them into the bin outside my building.

Another tip: if I’m running the dishwasher and there’s extra room, I put any dirty recyclables in there instead of rinsing them in the sink!


Kalin, Manager, Field Services

I try to find ways to reduce unnecessary food packaging in my home. Items like coffee, pasta, nuts, and spices can be bought using reusable containers at bulk stores. I’ve also started to refill some cleaning products (i.e., laundry detergent) with reusable containers as well.


Karen, Executive Director

Any plastic containers that I get, I save and reuse them for leftovers. I also reuse plastic packaging from toilet paper to line garbage bins, you should just be mindful when opening the package. I also keep a basket/bin in all areas of the house (including my car and workshop), to collect items for recycling. When they get full, it gets transferred to the recycling cart that goes out to the curb.


Noelle, Marketing & Communications Specialist

Besides recycling all I can in my blue box, I look for opportunities to recycle other items that aren’t accepted in my curbside recycling bin. I donate my old prescription glasses, as well as recycle the blister packs from my contact lenses at my optometrist’s office. I also recycle old pens and markers that are out of ink through Staples’ writing instrument recycling program. I keep reusable bags in my car, so I’m never without a bag when I’m at the grocery store.


Susan, Municipal Reporting Coordinator & Office Administrator

I’ve donated a lot of old furniture and clothing to thrift stores. Any old socks with holes are reused as toys for my dogs to play with. Instead of going shopping for new clothes, I’ll shop in my own closet to see what I can re-wear. I’ve also rearranged furniture around my home and found different uses for them, instead of having to buy new items.

I buy groceries in bulk so I can plan meals for my family. When it comes time to cook, we cook everything in large portions and then freeze the leftovers to save for later. This saves on packaging and time spent on making other meals.

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