The City of Portage la Prairie in conjunction with Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association (CBCRA) and Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba (MMSM)are pleased to announce that Portage la Prairie has been selected to become a showcase community for recycling. The enhanced Blue Box container recovery project will focus on away-from-home beverage container recycling.
Residents are committed to recycling in their homes and we want to take that commitment and extend it to the City’s public spaces. Over 200 bins with a Recycle Everywhere decal have been distributed throughout Portage la Prairie’s parks, public buildings, shopping centres, community facilities and just about everywhere around town. More than $150,000 has been invested in this program in Portage la Prairie to make beverage container recycling convenient and Recycle Everywhere easy to recognize. Communications include Recycle Everywhere advertising in local newspapers, radio, and residents will receive fridge magnets reminding everyone to Recycle Everywhere.Recycle Everywhere is committed to diverting from landfill 75% of all beverage containers purchased and consumed in the Province and will achieve this goal through a focus on beverage container recovery in public buildings and spaces.

Recent research shows that people in Portage la Prairie do recycle.

All eyes are on Manitoba as Recycle Everywhere is the first permanent away from home beverage container recycling program in Canada. Now Portage la Prairie can proudly boast its claim to being the first Model Community for this initiative and set the standard for permanent community-wide away-from-home collection programs across Manitoba. Public space beverage container recycling is becoming commonplace in Manitoba.

For further information contact:

Ken Friesen

Executive Director



Kelly Braden, P.Eng.

Director of Operations

City of Portage la Prairie






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