Manitoba Industry Steward Organizations have teamed-up to celebrate and promote recycling and responsible disposal of products that are no longer useful. This all-day event takes place Saturday, October 26 at Polo Park.

During the event, shoppers can come and meet the organizations and learn more about a new website, that helps consumers find collection locations to take their recycling and other materials.

Industry Steward Organizations operate under Manitoba’s Waste Reduction and Prevention (WRAP) Act with the goal of helping the province divert or reduce the amount of materials destined for landfills as well as encouraging product producers to consider “design-for the-environment” changes to their manufacturing processes. Aside from meeting the organizations, shoppers will also have a chance to try out the newly launched Recycle Manitoba website. Recycle Manitoba is a convenient online and mobile-device friendly tool that makes it easy for residents to find nearby collection locations to take commonly recycled items such as plastic food containers to harder-to-recycle items such as household hazardous waste, medications, electronics and batteries.

These organizations develop, fund and manage Manitoba’s recycling programs including education, collection, transportation and recycling or safe disposal of the items listed below:

• Fluorescent lights and tubes

• Household hazardous products (corrosives, solvents)

• Lead-acid batteries

• Oil, containers and filters

• Packaging and printed paper

• Paint

• Pharmaceuticals

• Rechargeable batteries

• Single-use batteries

• Thermostats

• Tires

• Automotive anti-freeze

• Beverage containers

• Cell phones

• Domestic pesticides

• Electronic equipment (computers and TVs)


Recycle Manitoba

Where: Polo Park Shopping Mall

When: Saturday, October 26 9:30 am – 6:00 pm


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