Your household blue bin accepts various types of packaging and printed paper such as plastic bottles, flyers, cardboard and laundry detergent bottles. But what do you do with the other items that don’t belong in your blue bin? Here are some resources  that will help you dispose of your materials in the right place.

Recycle Manitoba

This website was created by various stewardship organizations with a common goal in mind: to help Manitoba residents divert as much waste from landfill as possible. Recycle Manitoba helps residents find drop-off locations of where they can dispose of various items. For example, if a resident in Dauphin wanted to recycle their old electronics they could easily find where to recycle their items on the Recycle Manitoba website.

Visit to find a drop-off location for your materials closest to you.


4R Winnipeg Depots

If you live in or around Winnipeg, the 4R Winnipeg Depots are your ‘one-stop-shop’ for recycling various items in your household. The depots accept more than just blue bin recyclables. They take items such as tires, scrap metal, yard waste and electronic waste. The depots are free for residents to use and are open throughout the year. There are three depots in the city:

  • Brady 4R Depot – 1777 Brady Road
  • Panet 4R Depot – 429 Panet Road
  • Pacific 4R Depot – 1120 Pacific Avenue

For more information on the depots, please visit the City of Winnipeg’s website.

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