Knowledge is power!

MMSM is committed to building the next generation of recyclers! In order to help educate, inform, and engage students, we’ve put together some helpful support materials and strategies that highlight all of the ins and outs of recycling—everything they need to know to become earth-friendly recyclers.

Have a look through our lesson plans, resources, activities, and more!

A Tale of Recycling

Take your classroom on an interactive journey to learn what happens to the recyclables in your blue bin.

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Lesson Plans:

Everything you need to plan an exciting, engaging, and informative experience that showcases how to recycle, what to recycle, and why to recycle!

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School Recycling Program Best Practices:

Make the most out of your students’ experience with these helpful tips & tricks.

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Other School Programs:

Discover a variety of different ways to spread the recycling message!

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Waste Reduction Bingo:

This educational and fun activity helps students create better environmental habits both in and out of the classroom. It’s easy to facilitate and tons of fun for everyone.

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Learn what can be recycled in your community.

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How can I recycle more effectively?

Discover some helpful tips to improve recycling in your household.

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How can I reduce plastic bag use?

See how you can help Manitoba reduce single-use plastic bag use by 50%

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